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choose your ring settings, colors, and styles before you start shopping. When planning your engagement ring, while no doubt you will be considering other important factors like size, shape, cut and style, don't forget the color of the stone. You can go down to your local Helzberg diamonds store to buy a ring that is on sale, but chances are you won't get what you want. Engagement rings, even more so than wedding rings, are very symbolic. These items are creative and represent beauty, love and a wonderful future together. One way symbolism is expressed is through vivid color. Choose your color, design, cut, and band before you go look at the sales and promotions section on the Helzberg website. Having done some research to find out what color diamond you want, the cut, the band, and the overall design will save you hours of frustrating indecision looking at rings in your price range that do not fit you.

A Diamond Engagement Ring

But aren't all diamonds the same color--that clear, white color? No, there are diamonds in shades of yellow, blue, red and other colors. However, when someone can afford diamonds they usually opt for the traditional look. Unfortunately, diamonds are expensive even while being a girl's best friend. Many people choose to replace the traditional diamond with other beautiful gemstones and are more than happy with the result.

What Colors Can Express

Colored gemstones have rich, striking colors. These rich colors are universally associated with feelings and qualities and thus may perfectly represent your future marriage. Red stones are known to symbolize the heart and passion. Red stones may include rubies, garnets, tourmalines and spinels. These types of stones are natural and hardly a cheap replacement like fake diamonds. Green colors symbolize faithfulness and innocence. Imagine the beauty of a green emerald stone, or a garnet and tourmaline. Blue colors are associated with spirituality, peace and soul. Stones of sapphire, spinel, iolite and tourmaline are available in blue colors.

Other Options To Consider

In addition to those colored gems, you may also choose to decorate your stone with smaller diamonds for a complete engagement ring. It's a traditional and colorful choice. Some may even use pearls or birthstones for sentimental reasons, and also adorn the band with small diamonds.

Personalizing The Engagement Ring

Remember to personalize the engagement ring according to your mate's personality. The wedding ring is usually complementary to the engagement ring. Therefore, you should put the most creative thought and heartfelt sentiments into the design of the ring. When you choose a stone or color ask yourself what it means and how appropriate it is for your union together. An engagement ring symbolizes not only your current love for each other but also your past history and romantic future.

Engagement Rings
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