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lost platinum wedding band for man - what's the plan? So you misplaced your wedding ring and you have no insurance for lost or stolen rings. What are your options? Do you have any options as a man without a wedding ring besides signing the papers and looking for a new wife? Don't panic. Here are a few options to consider before you give up all hope.

1. Post an Ad
Someone is bound to find your wedding ring if you've misplaced it in a crowded area. While they're not likely to want to do a good deed, they might be willing to return the ring to its rightful owner for a price. This is primarily an option if it's the sentimental value of the ring you're looking to find. Money comes and goes and some people can afford to part with hundred and even thousands of dollars if it means getting back a precious heirloom like that Celtic man's wedding ring that grandfather Finnegan gave you.

2. Working with Auctions
Some auctions might have a guarantee or some loss coverage plan-at least during the first few weeks or months. However, that clause is bound to run out of time and most people lose their wedding ring years after the fact. The plan B option might be replacing your wedding ring by purchasing a ring at discount price at an online auction. One word of caution: buying a fake replacement diamond ring for men-while not wrong in itself-can be considered unethical and possibly even a dumb move if you think you can pull a fast one on your unsuspecting wife by doing the old switcheroo. People like to look at rings closely and many cheap fakes are just not convincing. This is a great solution if your ring is just a silver, white gold, gold or platinum man's wedding band without diamonds or other precious gemstones. Whatever you do, if you're found out, don't make things worse by lying!

3. Credit Card Coverage
Some credit card companies, including American Express, have special plans set up for loss coverage of valuable personal property. While these plans are not as encompassing as ring insurance plans (discussed later) they are much better than nothing. Call your credit card company and inquire about lost or stolen personal property such as jewelry.

4. Homeowner's or Rental Insurance
This option is more difficult to pursue than getting credit card loss coverage-but it's still worth a shot. Homeowner's insurance can insure a stolen ring, and sometimes a lost ring, up to about a $1000.00 in most cases.

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