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cubic zirconia rings can make great wedding sets. What is a fake gemstone? What makes a gemstone fake and what makes one genuine? How can something you hold on your hand, and something brilliant and shiny, be a fake? Why is this fake so cheap? Am I nuts in thinking I should buy a simulated diamond for my engagement ring?

Yes you are nuts! But why is that? Well, that's a tough one. In essence, you're nuts because jewelers don't want you to buy simulated diamonds or other gemstones. They would rather you pay full price for a genuine diamond so we can all better sleep at night. In order to fully explain the issue, let's start at the beginning.

What Is A Fake Gemstone?
Artificial, synthetic, simulated and created gemstones are all the same thing-it is a gemstone that you obviously hold in your hand and one that looks, feels and "acts" like a genuine gemstone. It shares the same visual, physical even chemical qualities as a real gemstone. The only true difference is that artificial gemstones are created in a laboratory. In fact, cubic zirconia (cz) rings can make great wedding ring sets.

Differing Qualities Of Fakes
Not all fake gemstones are cheap, nor are they poor substitutes. Many have been cleverly recreated to near perfection, with even professional jewelers not being able to tell the difference. (Such as moissanite or cubic zirconia) Then again, a trained eye easily detects others. Some fakes might be so poorly made that they're actually made of glass or plastic. Finally, there are composite stones that are made partially from genuine gemstone and then combined with a much larger piece of imitation stone. A diamond substitute like this will be beautiful but still artificial and not worth the value of a genuine piece. Usually, the first giveaway that a gemstone is fake is if it's "too perfect."

The Ethics Of Faking
So will you be arrested, tried and convicted if you dare to buy an artificial diamond or semiprecious stone engagement ring instead of the real deal? No, in fact many people enjoy buying and wearing artificial gemstones or diamond substitutes such as cubic zirconia. They are less expensive, very hard to detect and beautiful. The only problem that occurs is when someone is dishonest about representing the stone. A shady jeweler or pawn shop dealer may try and convince an unsuspecting customer that it's a real diamond worth much more money than it is. A groom to be may not like the idea of spending all that money on a real diamond ring and so may choose to buy his clueless but refined wife a fake. While the second scenario may be unethical, it's really a silly one, considering that an engagement ring should not be about money but sincerity. However, the first scenario is a serious concern.

Before spending lots of money on a collector's item diamond ring, only deal with a reputable jeweler and get a professional opinion to help you with your decision to buy.

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