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gia certified light pink oval diamond ring. That is, what does carat weight have to do with love-specifically, your engagement ring? You may have decided on a ring with a large pink diamond or some jewelry with white, pink and yellow diamonds. With all of that expert due diligence done and your new found knowledge about what makes diamonds pink, your next step should be to consider the weight of a diamond.

What Is A Carat?

Carat is the term used to describe the weight of a diamond; one carat equals two hundred milligrams. Carat is usually abbreviated "ct" which refers to the weight of a single diamond. This abbreviation does not take into account groups of diamonds or full rings. Whenever you see the abbreviation "ct TW" this means carat total weight, and this is the measuring standard for weighing multiple pieces of jewelry.

The Differences Of Weight And Size

Not quite the same thing. While carat is used as a measurement for other gemstones, just because two gemstones might be the same carat weight doesn't mean they are the same size. Some diamonds might be denser than others, and so are able to pack more weight into a smaller amount of space.

Smaller Than One Carat

What if a diamond weighs less than one carat? Then it will be measured in "points." There are exactly one hundred points in a carat. Or you can imagine it one penny to every dollar. Therefore if you see a weight measurement listed as .25, then it's simply of a full carat.

How Carat Weight Influences Value

Obviously when it comes to price, larger diamonds are more expensive because smaller diamonds are prevalent. Even if two diamonds are of high quality, the larger will always be the top seller. This rule still applies in terms of total weight. For example, a solitaire diamond ring weighing one carat will always be more expensive than several diamonds that are smaller in size and weight-even if they should total more than one carat put together. Also another interesting fact to remember in shopping for diamonds, is that price is also influenced by total carat weight. A diamond that measures a full carat higher will always be priced higher than a diamond that falls short a mere 1/10th of a second karat. Therefore, if you buy a diamond weighing in at one and 9/10ths of a carat, you will see the savings right away. A full 2 carats would have made that much of a difference.

While color and style might make or break the engagement ring, you can't discount the carat weight of a stone. Even though you may have found a ring full of little fancy pink colored diamonds, you should never ignore a small fact that could possibly get you a bargain in savings!

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