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caring for and feeding of wedding and engagement ring sets.

A wedding ring is your most cherished possession—save perhaps your partner—so caring for it is a major concern. If you do not already know how to clean and care for your gold ring, you need to read on and find out. Wedding rings that are not taken care of are susceptible to wear. While a diamond may be forever, the coating of a diamond that makes it sparkle is vulnerable to scratching and dulling. Worse yet, entire wedding rings have been lost or stolen because of careless behavior! Don't let your wedding ring be the victim of ignorance. Here are some tips on caring for your ring long after the wedding is over.

1. Protect your ring from chemicals.
While your hands can take on just about anything from exotic oils to chlorine and even bleach, your ring cannot. Whenever you handle harsh chemicals always remember to remove your wedding ring. The best protection against harmful chemicals like bleaches and hair dyes is avoiding the enemy.

2. Protect your ring from scratching.
A diamond is harder than a rock—but the coating that makes it shine remains sensitive. You must take steps to avoid scratching the ring. Scratches can be caused by a harsh cleaning brush or any kind of physical work in which your hands are active and your ring could come into contact with a sharp object.

3. Clean your ring regularly.
No matter how well your store your wedding ring, it still needs to be cleaned regularly. Even if you take good care of it, dust is going to accumulate and the shine of a diamond is dependent upon a clean, polished surface. Therefore, clean the ring regularly and carefully. Use liquid detergent and some warm water as a cleaning solution and rinse well.

4. Store your ring safely when it's not in use
This doesn't imply that you should walk around town without a wedding ring. (That might make your make suspicious.) Rather, when it's not in use-and particularly when you're involved in heavy physical activity or are handling questionable chemicals--store the ring in a jewelry box or a case. A wedding ring like all pieces of jewelry should have its own space, or be kept in a small bag so that it does not bump into other pieces of jewelry and risk getting scratched.

5. Have your ring professionally serviced.
Thankfully your wedding ring won't break down without maintenance nor erase the existence of your mate after it gets dirty. But like computers and vehicles, your wedding ring should be maintained for top quality. Take it to a jeweler about once a year and the professional can check the mountings and prongs and make sure there are no repairs needed.

Take care of your most valuable possession-save your partner-and keep the diamond shining forever.
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