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the difference between the cut and shape of a diamond.

Did you know that a diamond cut isn't the same thing as a diamond shape? How so, when the two terms are usually used in the same sentence? It might be confusing, but the easy way to remember the fact is that a diamond's cut and shape are closely related. But one is a process and the other is a general description.

A Good Diamond Cut

The term diamond cut does not specifically refer to a diamond's shape. It is true that you cut a diamond and then make it into a shape. But when the term "cut" is used it is in reference to a diamond's proportions including the diamond's depth, width and number of facets. So the "princess" in that canary princess cut diamond on your wedding ring refers to the width and depth of the diamond, and the number of angle cuts or facets it has. All of these things, particularly facets, make up a diamond's brilliance as well as its durability. A diamond is only beautiful and salable if a good cut was made. Even a colorful diamond with remarkable clarity would not sparkle to its fullest without a good cutting process. This is because diamonds are cut in such a way so as to interact with light with its facets and thus give off the brilliance that characterizes a diamond.

A Diamond's Proportions

A diamond's proportions as to width and depth also have a definite impact on its brilliance. Brilliance refers to the reflection of white light that we see when we look into a diamond. The quality of cut that is made will drastically affect a diamond's beauty. For example, too shallow a cut will result in a lifeless diamond. The light traveling through the shallow cut gets lost at the bottom of the stone. Light traveling through a diamond that has too deep of a cut will escape out of the sides which will make the stone look darker.

Diamond Symmetry

A diamond's facets will also determine the quality of its brilliance. The polished flat surfaces on the diamond are called facets in order to get the best brilliance; these facets should be carefully cut. Scintillation is what you know as the "flash" of a diamond whenever you see them move. What is actually happening is that light is bouncing off each of the facets. Obviously then, these facets have to be cut carefully, because if they are not in proportion, the brilliance is lost. Finally, after a perfect cut these edges should be smoothed and polished again to near perfection so that light can pass through them and a happy couple can get the engagement ring of their dreams.

In conclusion, a shape is just a description people use to describe a likable product. A diamond cut however is the most important factor to consider.
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