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who should appraise your pink princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Jewelry appraisals are very important whether you're looking to buy a genuine diamond and not a convincing fake, or if you're looking to ensure a wedding or engagement ring. A jewelry appraisal is made when a professional analyzes your jewelry and delivers a statement of authenticity and dollar worth. Familiarize yourself with a few important questions about what jewelry appraisals are and how to find a good appraiser.

Q: What is a Lab Certificate? Is it the same thing as a Jewelry Appraisal?
A: They are not the same thing. A lab certificate, also called a grading report, describes a stand-alone gemstone. The certificate includes information about carat weight, dimensions, color, cut and clarity. The only way the lab certificate will ever change is if the gem itself is altered in some way.

Q: Then what is a Jewelry Appraisal?
A: A jewelry appraisal is an evaluation done by a professional jewel appraiser. He or she analyzes and documents the specifics of any item of jewelry, with specific attention towards dollar value. (Mostly for insurance purposes though also used in cases of estate, divorce or verification) A jewelry appraisal can be done on anything-whether a full ring or a band without a gemstone. Unlike a lab certificate, jewelry appraisals must be done regularly and should be updated at least every two years to know the most current dollar value of any item.

Q: How do I choose a good jewelry appraiser?
A: In short, don't trust anyone just because they have a loupe. Look for verifiable education and solid references. Even if an appraiser is adequately trained, they might not be unbiased. Even if they graduated from college they may not be qualified. It is best to get references outside the office. Read reports online and google the company. Don't settle on an appraiser until you've actually checked the references and not just after being handed an impressive piece of paper.

Choose only the best source of information. Your jewelry appraisal is very important and is the make or break deal when you're doing business involving lost or stolen rings. Make sure the appraiser is qualified for the very important job of caring for your invaluable ring.

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