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russian synthetic diamonds, synthetic fancy diamonds.

Thankfully, she's still into you! But what if diamonds aren't her preferred taste? What if you can't afford diamonds? And still yet, what if you're a woman and are trying to decide on an engagement ring for your husband? All of the scenarios are possible and good reasons for seeking a gemstone other than a diamond or man made diamonds.

Diamond Alternatives
Your options include simulated or man made diamonds, artificial diamonds created to resemble a genuine stone, as well as a variety of other beautiful gemstones that are not quite diamonds. Some of the best simulated diamonds are cubic zirconia and moissanite. Since the cost of Russian diamond simulants has come down significantly, due to a significant in supply, many are ordering them online. Artificial diamonds, while improving in the quality to deceive, are made synthetically in a lab. Other gemstones are priced less than diamonds but that doesn't mean they are any less colorful or satisfying.

Gemstones Give Color
True, while diamonds can be colorful, colored gemstones are far less expensive and usually have a richer color to offer your future spouse. Many couples may actually prefer gemstones to diamonds, as people like to attach qualities and associations to a specially colored gemstone. For example ruby red may symbolize the heart, blue tourmaline may symbolize peace and spirituality. Green is another nice color that goes well with emerald or garnet. Other types of colorful stones may include spinel, iolite and even pearl-a popular alternative that has been known to symbolize love and marriage.

Using Birthstones
Birthstones are linked with astrology and your have significance to the date of your birth. But if you're not into letting your ring make important decisions in your life, then just consider wearing a birthstone for its beauty. Some have used birthstones as part of their engagement ring and simply added smaller diamonds or other stones to the side or elsewhere on the band.

What Really Matters
Besides keeping the receipt? What really matters is the engagement ring's symbolism as well as the happy couple's love for each other. An engagement ring should not be an issue of the most expensive diamond the purchaser can afford. It should be a gift from the heart-with personal thought as to the couple's relationship. Perhaps there is a birthstone or gemstone besides a diamond that perfectly symbolizes how one partner feels. Diamond rings are traditional, a cliché even-however they are not the "rule" when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Beautiful rings can likewise feature gemstones of sapphire, ruby, pearl, and many other selections.

What really matters, is that beyond all of the stones, carats and facets, there is true sincerity contained inside the ring.

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