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fancy pink princess cut diamond rings and fancy intense pink oval diamonds.

What do you look for when you're shopping for an engagement ring? The primary feature is the jewel itself, whether made of diamond or gemstone. You will need to choose the cut, shape and color of the diamond. You may know already that she wants a fancy pink diamond. You may even know that she is particularly fond of pink sapphire diamonds, fancy intense pink oval diamonds, or pink marquise diamonds. Whatever it is, it will be a ring she will wear every day and will symbolize your relationship for (hopefully) an eternity. Therefore, when choosing your engagement ring always remember the price (not hard to do), the comfort of the ring and the beauty of it.

A Diamond Ring's Anatomy

But what makes a diamond beautiful? It is the shape, and the cut, as well as the color. Diamonds are categorized into three basic groups: brilliant cuts, step cuts and mixed cuts. Brilliant cut diamonds have many facets, which are shaped like triangles and the traditional diamond shape. These facets are positioned so that light radiates outward, adding a brilliant shine to the stone. Most brilliant cuts have 58 facets, though some vintage diamonds have different numbers. Step cut diamonds have sloping, four-sided facets. These facets are cut below the table and run parallel to the girdle and so there are not as many facets in step cut diamonds. Then there is the mixed diamond cut, which combines facet features of both the brilliant and step cut diamonds. These types are popular for colored diamonds.

Other Types Of Cuts

There are also special types of cuts within those three basic cuts including princess cuts which are a square of brilliant cut, emerald diamonds which are a step cut and have clipped corners, and radiant cuts which are sort of an in between for emerald shapes but with more sparkling features. There are also vintage cuts with unique shapes and facets. Some of the popular vintage types are the old mine cut, a square shape but with rounded corners; the old European cut which is circular in shape but with square features similar to the old mine; the cushion cut with a rectangular shape; a rose cut which brilliant type facets that make the diamond resemble a rosebud; and the asscher cut, that carries a distinct octagon shape.

Popular Types Of Diamond Shapes

Round diamond shapes are the most popular traditionally speaking, with the round brilliant cut being the most requested type. There is also the ideal cut diamond. Ideal cut diamonds have been cut in such a way to highlight certain features, even though more actual stone is removed. Other preferred shapes include square and rectangle shapes,which include the princess cut, emerald cut and radiant cut. Rectangular shapes are not strictly geometric; they can be uneven squares, with perhaps the long side much larger than the short.
There are many different cuts, shapes and distinctions that make an engagement ring unique. The final decision depends on your budget and your personal taste, as an engagement ring is all about your future marriage.

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