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celtic knot wedding rings.

Many people believe that they are smart human beings fully capable of making sound decisions. You know what? For the most part, they are correct. However, even the smartest man or woman can have a bad week and really goof up in a thousand dollar way. One way they can mess up is by losing their wedding ring. It always seems unlikely and yet happens so quickly. Husbands and wives feel miserable afterward and get angry with themselves for making such a silly mistake. Consider this question and answer session and make sure you're not the next one who makes a simple, thousand-dollar mistake.

Q: How do people lose wedding rings? Come on! Are they just fibbing?
A: It happens a lot. Husbands and wives are casually going about their day and then suddenly a ring can fall into the sink drain never to be seen again. Swimming out in the ocean, camping going to an amusement park--all of these scenarios could separate a married person from their wedding ring.

Q: Does home owner's insurance or even renter's insurance cover lost wedding rings?
A: Not necessarily. While some homeowner's insurance policies do cover jewelry theft, claiming jewelry loss, that was entirely your responsibility, is not always accepted. But a whale ate my ring out in the ocean! Still, it was your idea to wear the ring in dangerous territory. A homeowner's insurance could theoretically cover theft in the home, as you did take reasonable precautions. However, even in these cases there is a money limit for these categories of personal property. A homeowner's policy might have a maximum amount of coverage of $1000.00 while a renter's insurance much less, at maybe $500.00.

Q: Any advice on how not to lose a wedding ring? I've done it once and I can't afford to lose it again.
A: Take off your wedding ring before doing any unusual activity like camping, swimming and so on. Don't just store your wedding ring in a temporary place like a purse or bag. Lock it somewhere safely, preferably under lock and key in a safe residence. Remove your ring from your finger if you're washing dishes, clothes or doing anything else that might involve handling chemicals. Rather than leaving it on the counter, where anyone could steal it (particularly if you live in an apartment) take it back up to a trusted jewelry box. Lastly, keep your jewelry box in an inconspicuous place so that even if your home gets robbed, they won't find the most precious items. Your life, your love and your ring are the most precious items in your possession and should be protected at all costs.
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