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ordering your emerald eternity ring. Are you getting married in the near future? Are your thoughts on romance, bliss and honeymoon vacations? What's the matter with you! What about issues that are more important like ring size, diamond quality or insurance? The furthest thing from your mind, right? At the very least, consider some frequently asked questions and answers about rings and other last minute wedding things that will put your mind at ease.

Q: What if I order a diamond ring in the mail? Will the mailman steal it?
A: Very likely not. Tampering with the mail is a felony and besides, only shoddy packaging by an individual would give any cause for worry. Virtually all legitimate online businesses make sure rings are professionally packaged for total protection. If the company is a professional, recognized business (the only type you should do business with) then the jewelry is most likely insured until it reaches your address. Check the shipping options and make sure you're covered for total peace of mind.

Q: What kind of band should I get? Gold, right? Isn't gold the best you can do?
A: Actually, platinum is. Platinum is heavier and more durable than gold and just as brilliant a piece of jewelry. The only downside is that platinum is more expensive than gold and more difficult to alter.

Q: Silly question here. But I want to surprise my girlfriend and I don't know her ring size. I can't ask her family because she has 10 sisters and they talk about everything. What do I do?
A: It's understandable if you want to keep the ring a surprise. If you can't think of any clever schemes to get that information then simply surprise her with a standard size 6 ring and then get it refitted. Most stores will include this option for you and for little or no extra cost. (Always ask ahead of time just to be sure)

Q: Ring insurance? Is it really necessary?
A: Of course not. But losing a wedding ring has a way of killing an evening. Most men and women are horrified and deeply saddened by the loss of their ring--and then having to replace a $5,000.00 item certainly adds pepper to the wound. Ring insurance is a safe strategy to employ, and in the long run, will cost you less money if you ever do lose a wedding ring. Most homeowner's insurance policies will not cover lost wedding rings, and certainly not for the full amount of money. A good policy with an insurance company who deals with jewelry can not only recuperate all of your ring expenses--in many cases you get cash back instead of store credit.

Now that you know all the answers to those importance questions, enjoy the wedding ceremony and try not to eat too much cake.

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