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diamond designer wedding band.

There are as many diamond shapes as there are romantic notions. While there are just three basic types of diamond cuts, and while many resemble the basic circle, square, triangle or rectangle shapes, between the different cutting techniques and alterations, the possibilities are endless.

Popular Diamond Shapes

Obviously, round diamonds are the most popular shape and the most popular type of round diamond is the brilliant cut. Ideal cut diamonds are another preferred choice. Ideal cut diamonds are cut in a certain way to highlight the shine but this process also removes more of the stone. Other popular types of shapes include Princess cuts, Emerald cuts, radiant cuts, and asscher cuts.

Unique Shapes

With basic shapes, there are also other unique shapes made from a variety of different cutting techniques. Consider the pear shape, a diamond in the general shape of a teardrop. These types of pear diamonds can change to be more or less elongated. Heart shaped diamond also offer a unique look for an engagement ring. These heart shapes are wide or elongated like the pear shapes. Marquises tend to resemble rounded diamond shapes or elongated ovals. Marquise diamonds as well as pears and heart shapes often have a certain shadow, referred to as a "bow tie", near the midsection. This occurs if the diamond was cut proportionally incorrect.

Trilliants And Radiant Cuts

A trilliant diamond refers to one in a triangular shape that is a brilliant cut stone. Trilliants can be used as primary stones as well as additional side diamonds. Radiant cuts are usually square more so than rectangular and often favor intense diamonds, even colored stones. One very nice ring might be a radiant cut diamond in a yellow or red shade with some triangular diamonds to the side.

The Final Decision

Sometimes mate to choose to shop together, which provides a quick and easy solution to what his and her taste is in diamonds. If you're determined to shop alone, then consider your mate's tastes as best as possible (maybe even slyly asking general ring questions). Lastly, always make an effort to shop around, looking at as many rings and shapes as you can find. You finally found the right mate, so finding the right ring should be much easier in comparison.
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