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what should you do if you lose your wedding ring?  Does your homeowner's policy cover theft and loss?.

The following question and answer session is not the usual type of FAQ you see online. This is more a segment containing frequent complaints and the answers that are too little too late. But while these suggestions cannot help couples who are already missing their wedding rings, they can help you protect yourself against unexpected loss.

Q: Ummm, I lost my wedding ring when I was washing dishes the other day.
A: Down the garbage disposal or the drain?
Q: The drain. I can't reach it. I don't even see it anymore. How can I get it out before my husband gets home?
A: You might have to take apart the pipes...
Q: I can't do that!
A: Or call a plumber.
Q: No, I can't do that either.
A: Then you're out some $4000.00, ma'am.
Q: (Angry retort)
Q: I lost my wedding ring.
A: Sorry about that. Where?
Q: In the ocean. It's a long story. I think a dolphin swallowed it.
A: All right. What's your question?
Q: I'm just wondering if my homeowner's insurance policy covers this. Doesn't it cover jewelry?
A:'s true that homeowner's insurance covers personal property, which could include jewelry. How much did the ring cost? How much coverage do I have for loss and theft of jewelry?
Q: Five thousand dollars.
A: That's a lot of money. The problem is, your homeowner's insurance doesn't necessarily cover lost or stolen rings. Note: the Chubb group of insurance companies typically offer homeowner's policies that provide excellent coverage for loss and theft of jewelry. Maybe if it were damaged in some way that relates to the home. This is unlikely, because keeping a ring on your finger is your responsibility.

Q: It won't cover any of it?
A: If it goes through, the most is maybe about one thousand dollars. Certainly not for the full amount. How much does it cost to add jewelry insurance to your homeowner's policy?
Q: What do I tell my husband?
A: Sorry, honey. But I just fed a dolphin five thousand dollars worth of food.
Q: I went camping and beaching on my vacation. Between one or the other, I lost my diamond wedding ring. I went back and searched every sand mound and bush and just couldn't find it. What can I do? My wife will kill me.
A: Do you have any insurance on the wedding ring?
Q: I didn't know there was such a thing. What is the price of wedding jewelry insurance? So if I had insurance on my ring what would happen?
A: A replacement ring could be sent. Some companies keep the type of ring on file for easy replacement.
Q: What can I do if I don't have any ring insurance?
A: Explain what happened to your wife and beg forgiveness?
Q: No. I better just go back into the ocean and keep on walking.

In conclusion, these silly mistakes do happen often and cost husbands and wives thousands of dollars and plenty of unpleasant memories. Don't take a chance. Anybody can lose a wedding ring. But read on to discover that not everybody has to suffer for it.
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