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caring and wearing for your wedding and engagement rings.

Losing a wedding ring is not a pleasant experience and can be quite a tear jerking experience when confessing to your mate the truth. (Word of advice: never lie. Your mate can always tell the difference between a replacement and an original.) How do people lose wedding rings? It's actually not a matter of a freak occurrence or "bad luck" or even "stupidity." Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are caused by these four qualities in husbands and wives. Developing these undesirable qualities and attitudes could lead to a lost ring-and thousands of dollars worth of monetary and sentimental value.

1. Over Confidence In Your Ability To Keep Your Wedding Ring On
The easiest quality to develop is over confidence—the feeling that nothing's going to happen. You have everything under control. This causes people to take unnecessary risks with their wedding rings. They wash dishes with their ring on, wash clothes, or any number of other activities and feel strongly that they won't lose their wedding ring because an accident is just unlikely. But accidents do happen and anything that can go wrong usually does—especially when it involves big money. Strange how that happens isn’t it?

2. Obliviousness
People can sometimes be oblivious to their surroundings, which explains why they would wear a wedding ring in a risky situation. Camping, swimming, boating, Amusement Park rides-all of these activities are big risks for wedding rings. Your ring could easily slip off especially if heavy water is involved. Remember where you're at wherever you go. Think about the worst-case scenario and ask yourself is your valuable ring at even a slight risk of being lost?

3. Forgetfulness
For the most part people do try and protect their wedding rings; it's just that sometimes memory fades and they literally cannot remember the last time they saw their stone. For your own protection wear your ring during casual times and store it when you go to sleep or during any risky physical activities. Don't simply leave it lying on a shelf or table. Not only could the ring be stolen it could be accidentally knocked to the floor, or under furniture not to be discovered for a few unhappy years.

4. Audacity
Some people like toying with danger. That's why they enjoy "playing" with their rings, by removing them and putting them back on as if it were a game of stealth and strategy. Leave your wedding rings on unless you absolutely have to take it off and store it. Sometimes people play with their rings unknowingly and before they realize what they're doing, the ring has fallen to the floor or worse yet is miles and miles out in the deep ocean. Break the habit of playing with your ring as soon as possible!

Treat your wedding ring like a member of the family and don't let the precious child out of your sight.
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