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rough diamonds with major flaws and inclusions at wholesale prices .

Diamonds may be forever, but that doesn't mean they are perfect specimens. In fact, most diamonds are not flawless and have some small blemish internally or on the surface. This is why diamonds are a girl's best friend-and affordable at just two month's salary.

The Cause Of Diamond Flaws

Flaws are caused when a diamond is cut. A diamond must be cut very carefully and as evidenced, even a professional cutting job does not guarantee a perfect diamond. Some common flaws for a diamond include a broken or chipped culet (a tiny facet at the bottom of a stone); a missing culet or one that is off center; facets that are too thick or not aligned properly. This can happen when there is a girdle that is too thick, thin or is fringed; or a table that slopes unevenly. It is always important to consider where the flaw was made in relation to the cut. Some flaws are more noticeable depending on their position in the stone.

Choosing A Flawed Diamond

More than likely, you will be choosing a flawed diamond in your search for the perfect engagement ring. However, that doesn't mean you have to settle for an ugly engagement ring. As mentioned, most flawed diamonds actually look perfect to the untrained eye. Even a professional jeweler would most likely have to observe the flaws with a loupe. It is also recommended that you only buy diamonds from reputable jewelers. Once you find a reputable place to buy diamonds be sure to ask questions about diamonds-such as clarity, cut and type. You will never appreciate nor truly understand a diamond until you begin to analyze as many stones as you can. Start going to jewelry stores and carefully evaluating diamond rings. Buy a loupe and take it with you for a closer look. Look for the flaws of the stone. At the very least, you would sure look like a jewelry expert!

Enhancing Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity can be repaired-at least temporarily. Some treatments might permanently fix surface flaws but there is certainly no guarantee. Laser treatments are one option to consider. However, laser treatment can also cause as much damage as it attempts to rectify. An experienced jeweler can usually see the laser trail just as easily as a diamond flaw. However, the one advantage of laser treatment is that is a permanent fix if successful. Not so in the case of fracture filling, another clarity treatment, which fills the tiny cracks in jewels with microscopic colorless material. Naturally, this is only a temporary solution.

Laser and fracture filling treatments allow flawed diamonds to deceptively appear to be of a higher clarity than they really are. Therefore it is only honorable for a jeweler to completely disclose the truth about these rings, which makes it all the more important for you to find a reputable store.

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