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Wedding Band
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unique wedding band and engagment sets. Aside from the type of gemstone, the cut and the metal, you need to decide on the shape of the ring band. (Decisions, decisions!) If you are shopping for a wedding ring then you need to be careful to buy a band that complements your engagement ring.

Matching Engagement Ring Designs
Engagement ring designs usually have one or two band designs: a straight edged band or a curved band. If an engagement ring has a straight edged band than a straight edged wedding ring could be worn next to it. However, for engagement rings that have a curved band, or a low gemstone setting, a straight edged wedding ring might not fit evenly. Of course, there's no fashion law that says you will be incarcerated if you choose two rings that don't match. But ideally, both rings should look as if they belong together, rather than one distracting attention from the other. Therefore, in the second scenario it might be best to choose a curved or fitting wedding ring so that it will look even with the curved engagement ring.

Choose Wedding Ring Designs
Jewelry manufacturers obviously know the needs of brides to match their two most cherished rings; therefore many different curved engagement rings are readily available. Additionally, many jewelers can custom design or alter a wedding ring to match your engagement ring. Chances are you will find curved wedding rings available virtually everywhere, and especially in the virtual marketplace, or you can find a jeweler who can make the ring a perfect fit.

Common Band Shapes
If you turn your engagement ring to the side you will notice that the band has a distinctive shape. The most common shapes are flat, high domed and softly rounded. Most engagement rings are made with a soft rounded shape and have a gentle curve on the outside of the band. The high dome band has a more pronounced and rounded shape to it and the flat band has a flat outside surface. Just as in matching designs, when it comes to band shapes, your engagement ring should likewise match your wedding ring with the same band shape.

Width is also a consideration, as well as band settings for gemstones. These will be considered in the next two articles. Remember when it comes to shape and design, your goal is to let your wedding ring be "married" to your engagement ring, and to complement that sentimental collectible nicely.

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